2018-07-17 00:25:41
lalaguna29: ADMIN, I have two withdrawals of $ 1, on July 13 and 15 and they have not been made in my paypal account, you could check and solve. Thank you

2018-07-15 19:07:22
lalaguna29: Administrator: on July 13 I made a withdrawal of $ 1 and I did not receive payment, check my withdrawal, thank you

2018-07-14 15:45:33
srpaul: thanks admin!

2018-07-14 15:43:55
admin: you can convert your balance now http://www.optimizingrevenueforyou.com/pages/convert.php

2018-07-14 15:42:24
srpaul: Sorry admin, i will use english now

2018-07-14 15:39:54
admin: please post in english

2018-07-14 15:37:50
admin: I will enable points converter for you

2018-07-14 14:40:58
lalaguna29: srpaul, gracias

2018-07-14 13:20:09
srpaul: Para los que tienen dudas de como retirar sus puntos: MEMBERS/WITHDRAW/WHITDRAW IN PAYPAL 100 POINTS/BUYNOW... (Aunque dice buy now no estás comprando nada.. el pago se acreditará a tu cuenta en un plazo de 24 a 48 horas)

2018-07-13 20:05:47
lalaguna29: armando3049, alli solo sale activo el link Withdraw-100 point y al clicar me sale el debajo de Withdraw in Paypal-100 points, el boton Buy Now (comprar ahora) y yo no quiero comprar... a menos que este mal escrito y deberia decir SUBMIT

2018-07-13 19:34:22
lalaguna29: y luego al boton COMPRAR 100 Points y yo no quiero comprar puntos o eso esta mal escrito y deberia decir Submit

2018-07-12 19:25:19
armando3049: lalaguna29 para retirar tienes que ir a donde dice members y seleccionas el que dice withdraw y al final seleccionas lo que quieres retirar

2018-07-12 18:13:30
lalaguna29: admin: How i can redeem points directly? no link

2018-07-12 17:11:26

2018-07-12 16:35:25
admin: 24-48 hours

2018-07-12 01:39:14
srpaul: How long does it take to get my payment credited?

2018-07-08 17:25:16
admin: you can redeem points directly

2018-07-02 02:50:59
lalaguna29: hi adm explains how I withdraw my points and cash without converting them

2018-07-02 02:46:35
lalaguna29: hola adm. explica como retiro mis puntos y cash sin convertirlos

2018-06-27 07:36:18
admin: Payments until 24th June are done

2018-06-25 19:21:37
no7bita: Hello Admin. My payment on 12th June is missed. It has not been paid. Please ckeck that.

2018-06-25 00:32:36
cristian8865: que pasa , ago las encuestas pero no me dan los puntos , alguien me puede ayudar por favor?

2018-06-23 12:31:18
laurigue: buenas no sale de ninguna manera convertir los puntos

2018-06-22 10:47:26
gelo: admin u thre

2018-06-21 01:40:30
gelo: my 12th june payment is not received plz check my withdraw

2018-06-21 01:38:54
gelo: hi admin

2018-06-20 11:39:31
laurigue: como puedo saber cuanto estoy ganando sino puedo convertir los puntos

2018-06-19 03:41:03
normanw: why are the payments taking so long

2018-06-18 20:33:45
guillehac: So we won't work cause we can't cashout

2018-06-14 21:11:08
ussr: Balance Converter Use the tools below to convert your current balances. We have disabled the converter for now, if you have any questions please contact admin@optimizingrevenueforyou.com.

2018-06-14 18:39:40
armando3049: creo que ya logre canjear los puntos lo que tienen que hacer es ir a members y seleccionan withdraw y al final seleccionan por lo que quieran canjear

2018-06-14 11:11:27
durbe: no me aparece la opcion ni para los puntos ni para el dinero

2018-06-13 22:19:49
miguell630: SCAM?

2018-06-13 22:17:41
miguell630: retiren directo en puntos

2018-06-13 18:35:48
durbe: Benas noches admin disclpe. no me sale la opcion para pedir mi retiro de 1 dolar. A que se debe?

2018-06-13 16:54:41
maramorales: admin where is my payment? i cashout the saturday

2018-06-10 11:01:08
fillai100: admin i need change my points

2018-06-10 09:22:58
gergertkev: yes i cashout

2018-06-09 22:00:14
armando3049: How long will it be possible to change the points?

2018-06-09 21:45:50
thesupermoney: the must be an error or some explcatioh... cuz he adin of this syte is legit... we must wait his response

2018-06-09 21:42:31
thesupermoney: Ok gergertkev you reach the cashout?

2018-06-09 20:06:29
gergertkev: friend thesupermoney if I'm your four-dollar referral, I already made my first dollar and I started looking for referrals I've had 30 referrals and they have not paid me anything for it, the admin what they tell me is that they have not completed their dollar! thesupermoney do you have gmail or mail?

2018-06-09 15:48:07
thesupermoney: gergertkev you are one of my referrals from my sites "cuatrodolar" or "lowminimumgpt"... I have the same question as you. You have an advance?

2018-06-09 15:40:01
thesupermoney: Same question for DC, CV, qnd QC

2018-06-09 15:34:31
thesupermoney: Admin, I have 40 referrals.. None of they have reached 1$ and cashout in a month???

2018-06-09 08:15:47
admin: Redemption requests made until 6th june have now been paid

2018-06-09 07:38:23
: Will be making payments today, you will get it

2018-06-09 07:34:53
: I'm looking into this

2018-06-09 07:00:23
admin: There were issues with points converter, which need to be rectified. Please be aware that you can redeem your points directly; there's no need to convert them to cash

2018-06-09 02:52:29
bems18: hey admin please check my payment transfer 06/06

2018-06-09 00:57:38
cesarperez: why?

2018-06-08 13:04:55
admin: The points converter has been disabled for now

2018-06-07 13:27:13
gergertkev: I have 27 referrals it is impossible that none of them have completed the dollar and I have not yet been credited a cent,

2018-06-07 06:37:11
trader: i asked about 4 june not 5

2018-06-06 10:07:45
thesupermoney: Dear admin... why i cant see any of the point or cash from my referrals?

2018-06-05 12:43:42
: you have completed 6 offers on adgate wall today and all of them were credited and showing in your account balance, please check and let me know

2018-06-05 12:40:37
admin: Hi trader, i'm checking this now

2018-06-04 15:30:09
trader: here lot of issue regarding credit adgate not credited i did 2 offer today in offerwall its crediting

2018-06-04 06:18:46
: Most of your referrals have not completed any offer, Referral bonus is only given after the user reaches payout and the transactions are not reversed,

2018-06-04 06:16:34
admin: Referral bonuses are awarded after the transactions are confirmed, i'll check your referrals today

2018-06-03 08:08:06
gergertkev: good morning admin I want to know why I do not add points from my referrals, I'm 16 and I have not been awarded a single point

2018-06-02 18:05:53

2018-05-31 19:09:52
admin: Hi, payments will be made soon

2018-05-29 16:56:56
cesarperez: hi whre i can see my payments pending?

2018-05-24 10:11:57
hector44: dear admin ,.send my payment

2018-05-24 09:29:57
hector44: PDear admin , lease send my payment

2018-05-22 00:27:05
: thanks its now on my paypal account

2018-05-21 15:38:08
guillehac: hi admin i have problems i cash out since tuesday and the money never came to my paypal account 7 days now HELP

2018-05-20 19:55:05
laurigue: admin a friend of mine has payment request sin tuesday and has not recieve by paypal he is guillehac

2018-05-19 04:32:59
admin: dear users, hope everone is having a great day

2018-05-16 13:14:03
admin: Please only post your questions in english

2018-05-14 11:42:54
thesupermoney: geilerdiaz la respuesta está en el blog cuatrodolar.tk

2018-05-12 18:30:14
geilerdiaz: admin intento hacer encuestas pero dice que no hay disponibles ¿que hago?

2018-05-09 09:53:58
durzan: pending payment

2018-05-08 22:29:05
guillehac: Hi from Honduras

2018-04-30 09:17:47
: Enter Message

2018-04-26 06:31:26
admin: Dear users, please note changing username is not possible on our site

2018-04-23 19:12:21
romisgood: ty for my paymnet

2018-04-23 14:13:04

2018-04-18 10:03:50
admin: Payment from 16 April done

2018-04-09 11:39:43
admin: Payments are done until 8th April

2018-04-04 05:04:03
admin: I'm sorry thats not possible at the moment

2018-04-03 19:50:06
charlesbphillips: Can you add bitcoin to your payment options? Or any cryptocurrency I think that would be super popular

2018-04-02 13:22:34
admin: we use proxstop to stop the users from accessing our site; sorry about that

2018-04-01 15:51:47
nicholasctisdale: everytime i try to use my phone i get proxy server detected on here. Im jus t using my phone internet

2018-03-31 08:07:27
admin: Have a very Happy Easter

2018-03-30 08:12:20
romisgood: thanks, I have received it, long life QC CV DC and ORFU.

2018-03-30 05:44:16
admin: thanks for the encouragement kennonbar4cash21

2018-03-30 05:44:02
admin: 28 march payment went out a little late, romisgood did you get it

2018-03-30 02:32:36
romisgood: i am missing payment from 3/28

2018-03-29 16:46:52
kennonbar4cash21: keep on the good work

2018-03-29 16:46:20
kennonbar4cash21: dont worry. This dudes from Archermedia always pay out on there sites

2018-03-29 16:41:38
nicholasctisdale: im missing payment from 3/29

2018-03-29 10:54:35
admin: cancelling payments can undermine our paypal credibility so we don't do that sorry

2018-03-29 10:42:44
charlesbphillips: the new paypal is the one you updated

2018-03-29 10:42:21
charlesbphillips: could you cancel the payment i made on 3/26 and refund my balance thanks or just send it to my new paypal

2018-03-28 12:43:39
: charlesbphillips Updated your paypal email

2018-03-28 12:42:58
: derwin: Your 21st march payment is now done

2018-03-28 12:40:48
: bmala you were paid $4 today (missing payment 21st March)

2018-03-28 12:35:21
admin: momoreed69: Account suspended as you were running two accounts; also sent you an email